Tips By Best Dentists To Prevent Horror Of Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth? If yes then do not worry. Follow the care tips given by best dentists in Chandigarh, to prevent your sensitive teeth.

1. Use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth

Some types of toothpastes are made with special active ingredients to protect sensitive teeth. Use that one to relieve or prevent pain and discomfort while brushing your teeth. You can consult the dentist at best dental clinic in Panchkula, Chandigarh or Mohali to ask for the best toothpaste for you.

2. Use a tooth brush with soft-bristles-

Best Root Canal Treatment In Chandigarh

Which toothbrush you are using? Selecting the right one can help you preventing the tooth sensitivity. Use a soft bristled brush which helps to prevent premature erosion of tooth enamel and gums. Do not forget to change your tooth brush after every 3 months.

3. Brush your teeth gently-

Do not brush your teeth vigorously because it can damage the enamel. Brushing your teeth gently can help to prevent tooth sensitivity.

4. Use a good fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash-

Fluoride is a mineral which gives positive effect on your dental health. Using a dental product containing fluoride can help strengthen the enamel of your teeth. So use a toothpaste or mouthwash in which fluoride is present.

5. Avoid grinding your teeth-

If you are grinding your teeth, then stop this habit because it can cause damage to enamel. If you have broken tooth, then better you get the treatment for the same. You can get the best broken tooth treatment in Mohali at affordable cost.

acidic foods and drinks 

6. Reduce the intake of acidic foods and drinks

Acidic foods and drinks can damage tooth enamel and make them more sensitive. So it is better to cut down on acidic foods and drinks such as soft drinks, white wine and citrus fruits. If your dentist suspects that your sensitive teeth are seriously undermining your quality of life, he may suggest you a root canal treatment. You can get the best root canal treatment in Chandigarh at low price.

8. Go for a dental check up regularly-

Going for a dental check up regularly can help maintain a good oral health.  Dentists can do professional cleaning and a regular exam which can help decrease the sensitivity of your teeth.

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