Best Orthodontic Treatment Service In Mohali For Adults And Teens

Earlier, the best time for orthodontic treatment is thought to be in childhood. This is because, in childhood, our bones are pliable and due to this, results are easy to achieve and predictable. But now, gone are those days, when this treatment with braces was limited to children only. Now, modern dentistry has evolved to such an extent that adults of any age can get benefit from this treatment. Best orthodontic treatment service in Mohali is available for people looking for this treatment option.

Best Orthodontic Treatment Service In Mohali

What age groups can benefit with this treatment option?

There is no upper age limit to get the beneficial result of this treatment option. Excellent results have seen in the majority of people. But generally, the adults who are in age group of 25-40 years are seeking for this treatment option these days.

Different treatment options available-

  1. Metal braces: This option is the safe one and most economical too. They are there for last several decades.
  2. Ceramic braces/Clear braces: This method offers similar budget friendly results as that of metal braces. Most of the adults prefer going for this treatment option.
  3. Lingual braces: This option is not suitable for everyone. Also, the cost of this treatment option is higher than ceramic braces. Lingual braces are applied directly on the tongue side of teeth. They are completely hidden from direct view of any person in front of you.
  4. Invisible braces: These braces are completely transparent and removable appliances. You can wear these for most part of the day. But they are advised to be removed during eating. The cost of this treatment option is higher than lingual braces.
    Lingual braces

Duration of the treatment-

The duration of this treatment option varies from person to person. But in the majority of cases, results can be achieved within 6 to18 months.

Specialist for this treatment-

Braces specialists are known as Orthodontists. An orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone special training in a dental college and spent additional three years under the guidance and acquired M.D.S degree. You can find specialists of orthodontic braces in Mohali Tricity.

Care tips for your teeth during braces treatment-

You have to take extra care of your teeth if you are undergoing braces treatment. Some of the care tips are listed below-

Care tips for your teeth during braces treatment

  • Regular mouth rinsing
  • Brushing twice daily
  • Inter-dental brush
  • Drink excess water
  • Regular visit to your orthodontist

How to proceed with treatment?

It is better to visit your dentist if you think you have any issue with the alignment of your teeth. You may be having under bite, overbite, cross bite, jetting, supernumerary teeth, deep bite and many other issues. Your dentist will guide you according to your condition.How to proceed with treatment

To start the treatment, your orthodontist will take your face and mouth pictures and request old photographs. Depending on your condition, he may ask for full mouth x-ray / OPG, lateral cephalogram, models of your teeth or other  things. Your orthodontist will ask you to come every 3-4 weeks at his clinic to change the wire. He will make adjustments to tune movement of your teeth in the desired position. You can undergo braces treatment at a best dental clinic in Mohali.

What happens after treatment?

What happens after treatment?When your teeth have moved into the desired position, then braces are removed. Your teeth are then scaled and polished. Most of the patients have to wear a retainer for some time. A retainer is a kind of non- visible appliance that holds your teeth in the desired position. This will prevent your teeth from going back to their original position.


All You Need To Know The Minimum And Maximum Age For A Dental Implant

Nowadays, one of the most popular dental procedures available is dental implants. Dental implants offer several benefits to people with one, few or all teeth missing. Full mouth dental implants clinic gives successful dental implants procedure. The success of dental implants depends on various factors that contribute in deciding the requirement of dental implants.

Gender of patient

These factors include-

  • Age of the patient
  • Gender of patient
  • Type of dental prosthesis to be used
  • Oral hygiene and daily habits of the patient

Depending on these factors, choose the criteria at the right time in order to get the best results.

Age of the patientAge of the patient-Out of these factors, age is an important one that contributes to the success of the dental implants to a large extent. With increasing age, resorption of bone occurs in the mouth. So, age factor plays a key role in success and functioning of dental implants. If you are also looking for dental implant procedures, then you can get the dental treatment at best dental clinic in Panchkula with one of the best dentists in Mohali.

What is the minimum age for a dental implant?

What is the minimum age for a dental implant

Dental implants are generally recommended in children once they cross puberty. This is because; basic growth of jaw bones is completed when you cross puberty. On the other hand, if such implant treatment is done in growing jawbones, then it can affect natural growth of jawbones. This can lead to some major changes in your jawbones.

As every individual is different, recommendation differs from person to person. Usually, it is recommended to start dental implant at earliest of 18-20 years because, in most of the cases, the growth of jawbone continues till 18-20 years. While in some cases, it is recommended to children of 16 years old too. It is better to leave this decision to your doctor. He will guide you according to your age. There are several tests that can indicate active growth or completion of growth and hence growth assessment can be easily done.

the maximum age for a dental implantWhat is the maximum age for a dental implant?

The procedure of dental implants can also be done successfully in the older patients as well. Generally, there is no such specific maximum age for this treatment. Any person can go for this procedure until doctors consider him unfit for this treatment. As long as your physical fitness is good enough to undergo dental implant procedure, you can also get the beautiful smile you want by getting dental implants placed in an area with missing teeth. The success of dental implants has also been observed in patients of 90 years old as well. So, do not worry, go to your dental care specialists to discuss all about dental implants and he will guide you after doing a proper dental checkup.

Hence, dental implants are a great choice for children (18 years old), adults as well as older people.

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